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Importance of Fire Doors

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November 26, 2020

Building security has become more important due to the preference of high-rise buildings. The most feared dangerous situations in high buildings are fire and earthquakes. It is so important that hazardous areas can be kept under control and the fire resistance of buildings.

Controlling of fire depends on the building design which plays a very important role in high-rise buildings. Buildings designed to not carry the fire to other points are safer in this sense. The most important factor that ensures the high-rise building security can be shown as fire doors. Fire doors are doors that are resistant to high temperatures and form a barricade between dangerous areas and safe areas in dangerous situations like fire.

Dimak Door produces fire doors in accordance with European and TSE standards. Dimak Fire Rated Steel Doors have been tested in real furnaces in a laboratory environment according to EN 1634-1 norm. The points to be considered when buying the fire door are the production in accordance with safety tests and safety standards. In addition to standard dimensions and features, you can prevent possible loss of life and property with Dimak Fire Doors, which can be produced with the desired feature, size and accessories according to demand.

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