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Dimak Fire Doors

Dimak Door and Door Systems offers unique fire door solutions for your projects. Dimak Door, serving for 25 years, continues to offer high quality solutions provided by high technology production process focused on customer satisfaction with its growing staff and production volume.

Why Dimak?

Reliable Partner

Keeping always his word

R&D Engineering

Experienced engineers to develop new products


The best timing in production, assembly, service when bidding

Flexible Production

Solutions for every project with its flexible production structure

Customer Satisfaction

High customer satisfaction in and after sales services

Innovative Technology

Latest technology and application techniques

Solution Oriented

Approach to create a "solution" rather than a "problem"

Project Management

Capacity to finalize large-scale projects

  • Dimak Fire Rated Door
  • Dimak Fire Rated Door
  • Dimak Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Steel Doors

Dimak fire doors, which can be produced with desired features, sizes and accessories as well as standard sizes and features, have been tested in real furnaces in a laboratory environment according to EN 1634-1 norm and have received their certificates of 60, 90, 120 minutes as a result of these tests.

60, 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance certificates

Featured Specifications of Dimak Fire Doors


Tested according to EN 1634-1 standards


The door frame and door leaf are very rigid due to design

Corrosion Resistance

Galvanized steel is used in production to ensure corrosion resistance

UV Protection

Polyester electrostatic powder coating applied by robotic coating line


Possible for oppenning heights 2000 mm < h < 2200 mm

Quick Delivery

Constantly stocked on standard sizes

Specific Size

Ability to produce in customer-specific sizes

Heavy-Duty Hinges

One of the hinges is self-closing (spring hinge)

Floor Mounting Brackets

Frame twisting is prevented by using floor mounting brackets

Fire Seals

High-quality thermo expanding (intumescent) seal on the frame

Safety Bolts

Two safety bolts per leaf on the hinge side

Special Packaging

High thickness of packaging for door leaves and frames

Frame Options

Corner frame and full frame


Cast aluminium, durable and very high quality hardware


Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors

Dimak Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors are designed for fuss-free maintenance; smooth and low noise; and modern designs for commercial and residential properties. It also reduces noise and heat transfer from the outside. The steel door frame is strengthened using heavy duty aluminium frames to ensure reliability and durability. Steel doors are now a popular choice among commercial and residential properties. It is commonly installed in hotel room, bedroom, store rooms, kitchen, studios and car park.

  • Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors
  • Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors
  • Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors

Featured Specifications of Dimak Non-Fire Rated Doors

Galvanized Steel

The corrosion resistance is very high due to galvanized steel


Door frame has a very rigid structure due to its special design.

Color Options

Any requested RAL color can be applied. Frame and inner and outer of leaf can be in different RAL colors.

Robotic Painting

Doors are coated with electrostatic powder paint in modern paint plants with robotic systems.

Heavy Duty Hinge

Heavy duty hinges with special bearings are used on the doors.

Modular Design

Assembling the frame parts to each other is very practical like lego parts.
  • Fire Rated Shaft Door
  • Fire Rated Shaft Door
  • Fire Rated Shaft Door

Fire Rated Shaft Doors

With the knowledge of qualified professionals, Dimak has been able to provide an unmatched quality array of fire rated shaft doors (access panel) within the assured time period. These shaft doors are one of the best examples of the finest quality products of Dimak Door and Door Systems. All doors and door sets are produced by using the latest machinery handled by qualified and experienced staffs, ensuring customers that all products are well manufactured.

Featured Specifications of Dimak Fire Rated Shaft Doors


Tested according to EN 1634-1 standards

Lock System

Allen lock system is available

Fire Seals

High-quality thermo expanding (intumescent) seal on the frame

Electrostatic Powder

Covers painted at least 70 micron thick electrostatic powder

Robot Bending

All welds and bends come out of the robotic bending line

Galvanized Hinge

Hinge backs with galvanized sheet to give more strength

Production Process of Dimak Fire Rated Doors

As Dimak Door and Door Systems, we value constantly changing and evolving technology and use in fire rated doors production process at our factory which is 15000 square meter located in Ankara, Turkey.

Certificates of Dimak Fire Doors

The fire doors produced by Dimak, which has always been aware of the importance of quality in the global market as a strategic factor for business success, are tested according to EN 1634-1 standards.

Dimak 120 Minute Fire Resistance Certificate
Dimak 90 Minute Fire Resistance Certificate
Dimak 60 Minute Fire Resistance Certificate
Dimak Fire Doors

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