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Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors

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Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors

Dimak Non-Fire Rated Steel Doors are designed for fuss-free maintenance; smooth and low noise; and modern designs for commercial and residential properties. It also reduces noise and heat transfer from the outside. The steel door frame is strengthened using heavy duty aluminium frames to ensure reliability and durability. Steel doors are now a popular choice among commercial and residential properties. It is commonly installed in hotel room, bedroom, store rooms, kitchen, studios and car park.

Specifications of Dimak Non-Fired Rated Doors

Galvanized Steel

The corrosion resistance is very high due to galvanized steel


Door frame has a very rigid structure due to its special design.

Color Options

Any requested RAL color can be applied. Frame and inner and outer of leaf can be in different RAL colors.

Robotic Painting

Doors are coated with electrostatic powder paint in modern paint plants with robotic systems.

Heavy Duty Hinge

Heavy duty hinges with special bearings are used on the doors.

Modular Design

Assembling the frame parts to each other is very practical like lego parts.
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