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Dimak Door and Door Systems has 25 years of experience in door business. Dimak Door, which has completed numerous prestigious domestic and international projects, offers unique fire door solutions for your projects. Dimak Door and Door Systems continues to offer high quality solutions provided by high technology production process focused on customer satisfaction with its growing staff and production volume.

Why Dimak?

Reliable Partner

Keeping always his word

R&D Engineering

Experienced engineers to develop new products


The best timing in production, assembly, service when bidding

Flexible Production

Solutions for every project with its flexible production structure

Customer Satisfaction

High customer satisfaction in sales and after sales services

Innovative Technology

Latest technology and application techniques

Solution Oriented

Approach to create a "solution" rather than a "problem"

Project Management

Capacity to finalize large-scale projects

Quality Certificates

Dimak Door and Door Systems has always been aware of the importance of quality in the global market as a strategic factor for the business success. Dimak Door is committed to the achievement of quality objectives and the pursuit of mutual satisfaction in relation to costumers and suppliers.

Dimak Fire Doors ISO 9001
Dimak Fire Doors TSE
Dimak Fire Doors TSE
Dimak Fire Doors

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Contact our experienced team for your fire rated steel door needs.
Dimak Fire Doors Logo
Malıköy AOSB 30 Ağustos Cad. No:26, Sincan 06909 Ankara TURKEY
Phone: +90 312 554 50 50
WhatsApp: +90 312 554 50 50
Fax: +90 312 554 50 54

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