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Fire Rated Shaft Doors Features

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September 16, 2020

With the knowledge of qualified engineers, Dimak has been able to provide an unmatched quality array of fire rated shaft doors (access panel) within the assured time period. These shaft doors are one of the best examples of the finest quality products of Dimak Door and Door Systems. All doors and door sets are produced by using the latest machinery handled by qualified and experienced staffs, ensuring customers that all products are well manufactured.

  • Tested according to EN 1634-1 standards
  • Certification for 90 minutes fire rating
  • Produced in customer-specific sizes
  • The shaft doors are coated with electrostatic powder coating process in our modern robotic coating line.
  • Weather seal slots are present on the frame. Depending on the customer demands, air and sound insulating seals are also provided. (optional) ***
  • There are two safety bolts per leaf on the hinge side.
  • Each door frame is installed using universal dowels directly to the wall. There is no need for extra metal profile frames which yields cost advantage. Delivery of dowels are optional.***
  • Shaft door frames are designed in 4 disassembled pieces. The installation of these 4 pieces is very practical (as practical as the assembly of Lego pieces). The disassembled design of door frames yields serious shipping advantage.
  • All shaft door leaves and frames are wrapped in nylon packaging of high thickness. The nylon packaging of door leaves can stay on after the installation of the doors. So, the shaft doors will not be harmed by the painting processes or plaster repairs carried out after the installation.
  • The shaft doors are packed on palettes. 15 sets of single leaf shaft doors can be packaged on each palette.
  • The shaft doors have half (corner) frames suitable for any wall thickness as a standard.
  • Dimak Shaft Door Hardware consists of a lock with latch openable by an allen key.

You can visit our Documents page to view all Dimak Fire Rated Shaft Door Features.

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